corresponding part 意味

発音を聞く:   corresponding partの例文
  • 対応{たいおう}する部分{ぶぶん}
  • xerox for someone the corresponding part of:    (人)のために~の該当部分{がいとう ぶぶん}をコピーする
  • corresponding:    corresponding該当がいとう対向たいこう
  • corresponding to:    ~に相当{そうとう}する、~に対応{たいおう}するYou will find on each merchandise a number corresponding to that indicated on the invoice. 各々の商品には請求書に示されている番号に対応する[と合致する]番号が付けてあります。


  1. the " weilue " was lost but some of its contents were quoted on other books; however since no corresponding part about her name remains , so how her name was exactly written is unknown .
  2. however , in the aspect of philology the majority of the text was an abstraction from " maka hannya haramitsu-kyo sutra " of tripitaka in the korean edition (in the first part of the thirteenth century ) translated by kumaraju , and was different from the corresponding part of the " mahaprajnaparamita-sutra " translated by genjo , so that there is also suspicion about whether it was translated by genjo , as well as the buddhist sutra , which was said to be a translation by raju .


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