cough and a spit 意味

発音を聞く:   cough and a spitの例文
  • 〈演劇俗〉ちょい役
  • spit:    1spit n. つば; 《口語》 よく似たもの.【前置詞+】a gob of spitつばのかたまり.【+前置詞】a spit of rain小雨He is the spit and image of his father.父親に生き写しだ. 2spit v. (つばなどを)吐く; つばを吐く; (湯 油などが)ジュージューいう.【副詞1】He spat contemptuously on
  • spit in:    ~の中に唾{つば}を吐く
  • spit into:    ~に唾を飛ばす[ふっかける]


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