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  • counting:    counting n. 計算, 集計.【形容詞 名詞+】The accurate counting of ballots is absolutely necessary.投票の正確な集計が絶対に必要だIt is an estimate and has not been arrived at by actual counting.それは見積りであって実地計算によったものではないballot co
  • counting loss (of a counting assembly):    counting loss (of a counting assembly)計数損失(計数装置の)[その他]〈99Z4001:原子力用語〉
  • a counting game:    a counting game数取りかずとり


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  1. i'm counting on you . buy me some time until then !
    頼む! それまで 時間を稼いでくれ!
  2. it's an important task , we're counting on you .
    重要な仕事なので よろしくお願いします。
  3. sugiyama was very insistent about counting on me .
    杉山さんにも くれぐれも頼まれてるし
  4. mano , i'm counting on you to support nomura too .
    真野も埜村のサポートを してやってくれ
  5. i'm counting on you to straighten that out .
    事情が明らかになるよう あなた方を頼りにしています


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