couplet rhyme 意味

  • 2行韻
  • couplet:    couplet n. 〔詩学〕 二行連句.【形容詞 名詞+】a heroic couplet英雄詩体二行連句rhyming couplets押韻二行連句.
  • in rhyme:    韻文{いんぶん}で
  • rhyme:    1rhyme n. 韻(いん), 脚韻, 押韻(おういん); 押韻詩; 韻文.【動詞+】trying to find a good rhyme for each of the given words特定の単語のそれぞれに適した韻を見つけようとしてThe proper pronunciation of “hearth" makes a rhyme with “garth" but not wit


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