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  1. choka generally consist of more than 10 to more than 20 lines with alternatively five and seven syllables and a couplet of seven syllables at the end .
  2. as a couplet in a poem titled ' anraku-ji ni sanzu ' (visited anraku-ji temple ) (contained in " honcho zoku monzui " (further anthology of waka poems and prose written in classical chinese ) composed by oe no masafusa in 1100 to anraku-ji temple (sugawara no michizane ' s mortuary temple located in dazaifu ) had it ' ruiyo roka no matsuyo tari ' (i was the last leaf in a heap of leaves in the hallway ), it could be estimated that the school had been kept by generations of the monjo hakase of the sugawara clan and at least until the late heian period .


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