court martial 意味

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  • court martial
  • by court-martial:    軍法会議で
  • court-martial:    1court-martial n. (pl. courts-martial, ~s) 軍法会議.【動詞+】attend a court-martial軍法会議に出るcall a court-martial軍法会議を召集するface a court-martial for desertion脱走罪で軍法会議にかけられるThe court-martial will be held tomorrow
  • attend a court-martial:    軍法会議{ぐんぽう かいぎ}に出る


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  1. chances are , we go home , they'll court martial us .
    例え帰還できても 軍事裁判にかけられる
  2. those who do not may join your captain in a court martial .
    拒否する者は 艦長と軍事法廷へ
  3. the court martial is piling up sentences .
  4. a court martial would hardly be a fitting ending to this incident .
  5. matters under the jurisdiction of court martial were tried at the general court martial .


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