credit withdrawal 意味

  • 貸しはがし
  • withdrawal for credit card payments:    クレジットカード(支払分{しはらい ぶん})の引き落とし
  • withdrawal:    withdrawal n. 引きだすこと, (預金の)引きだし; 退くこと, 脱退, 撤退; (薬の)投与中止, 禁断症状.【動詞+】carry out a withdrawal under air bombardment空爆下に撤退を行なうThe forces completed their withdrawal within 10 days.軍隊は 10 日以内に撤退を完了したdemand
  • be in credit:    be in crédit with O …に預金がある,…に信用がある.


  1. it led to credit withdrawal and bankruptcy .


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