crime of murder 意味

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  • 殺人罪{さつじんざい}


  1. of course , we won't be charging you with the crime of murder .
    もちろん 殺人罪には問われません。
  2. sir , the crime my team and i are investigating is a crime of murder .
    局長 私の捜査チームと私は 殺人事件を 捜査しているんです
  3. but when megataki uchi was practiced , sometimes the husband was punished for the crime of murder because it was impossible for the husband to produce evidence by having the adulterer confess because he had killed the adulterer .
  4. the bakufu set a legal precedent that if the real husband killed his wife first for the reason of adultery , the adulterer who had brought about the cause would be considered as megataki (adulterer ), and for this reason , even if the husband practiced megataki uchi (revenge oneself on the adulterer ), it would not constitute a crime of murder , and thus , the husband was innocent .


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