crime of riot 意味

  • 騒乱罪{そうらんざい}
  • a riot:    a riot一揆いっき
  • in riot:    《be ~》混乱状態{こんらん じょうたい}である
  • riot:    1riot n. 騒動, 暴動; 多種多彩; ほとばしり; 大当たり; 大変おもしろい人.【動詞+】cause a riot騒動を引き起こすThe police crushed the riot.警察が暴動を鎮圧したHe was arrested for fomenting a riot.騒動を扇動したかどで逮捕されたThe police handled the riot admirably.


  1. it is said that nenbutsu-toge was named from the buddhist invocation (nenbutsu in japanese ) given to people who were killed around this mountain pass in the sengoku period (period of warring states ) (japan ), or whose punishments for a crime of riot were witnessed in the edo period .
    戦国時代 (日本)に付近で討死した者や、江戸時代の一揆で刑罰の一覧された人に念仏をあげたことが命名の由来とされている。
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