crime passionel 意味

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  • 痴情ざた
  • crime:    crime n. 犯罪, 罪; (道徳的に)よくない行為; 《口語》 けしからんこと, 恥ずかしいこと.【動詞+】accomplish a crime犯罪を遂行するattempt a crime犯罪を企てるavow one's crime罪を告白するblame a crime on sb人に罪をなすりつけるThe crime was brought home to him.犯行は彼のしわざとさ
  • (crime of) adultery:    (crime of) adultery不倫罪ふりんざい
  • (the crime of) adultery:    (the crime of) adultery姦通罪かんつうざい


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