cure all ills 意味



  1. in the precincts of the shrine there is a spring whose water is said to cure all ills .
  2. it worships yakushi nyorai (bhaisajyaguru , buddha able to cure all ills ) as honzon (principal object of worship at a temple ).
  3. the close retainers , tenkai and suden , contested whether his shingo should be gongen (incarnation ) or myojin (a gracious deity ), and with tenkai having won , ieyasu was made the gongen (incarnation ) of yakushinyorai (bhaisajyaguru , buddha able to cure all ills ) based on sanno-ichijitsu shinto .
  4. they were famous as representative works of tenpyo sculpture but the details of their construction and original names are unknown (the name ' nikko and gakko bosatsu ' were used later on and they were originally bosatsu , attendants of yakushinyorai (bhaisajyaguru , buddha able to cure all ills )) .


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