currency convertibility 意味

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  • 兌換性{だかんせい}
  • convertibility of currency:    通貨の自由交換性
  • convertibility:    {名-1} : 転換{てんかん}[交換{こうかん}]可能性{かのう せい}--------------------------------------------------------------------------------{名-2} : (通貨{つうか}の)兌換性{だかん せい}
  • abandon the convertibility of:    ~の兌換制{だかん せい}を廃止{はいし}する


  1. furthermore , it is called gold exchange standard system by considering a foreign exchange transaction as the currency is converted indirectly to gold in other countries , even if a country is unable to implement gold standard system domestically when a certain degree of the currency convertibility between countries is guaranteed .


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