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  • 経常勘定{けいじょう かんじょう}、経常収支{けいじょう しゅうし}、当座勘定{とうざ かんじょう}、当座預金{とうざ よきん}(口座{こうざ})
  • account current:    当座預金{とうざ よきん}◆【略】a/c◆フランス語法(gallicism)によって、形容詞が名詞の直後に付いている。◆【同】current account
  • application to open a current account:    当座取引申込書{とうざ とりひき もうしこみしょ}
  • balance of current account:    経常収支{けいじょう しゅうし}


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  1. kawamurasan , please check tsugawa unyu's balance on their current account .
    川村さん 津川運輸 当座預金の残高調べて
  2. for example , there is a country that maintains its balance of current account .
  3. if the amount of domestic savings stays unchanged , the country would post a current account deficit .
  4. the economy will be depressed until the current account regain equilibrium , and then it will be balanced .
  5. the current account deficit means that the amount of its home currency (gold ) outflow exceeds that of the inflow .


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