current intensity 意味

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  • 電流{でんりゅう}の強さ
  • intensity of the current:    電流{でんりゅう}の強さ
  • intensity:    intensity n. 強さ, 激しさ; 緊張; 強度.【動詞+】Irregularities in the ionosphere change the intensity of radio waves.電離層の異常は電波の強さを変えるgather intensity熱烈さを増すThat will heighten the intensity of the effect.そうすれば効果を高め
  • current:    1current n. 流れ; 時の流れ, 傾向; 電流.【動詞+】apply the current to……に電流を通すThe car battery collects and stores the current received from the generator.自動車のバッテリーは発電機から受け取る電流を集め蓄えるconduct an electric current電流を伝える


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