dam 意味

発音記号: [ dæm ]発音を聞く   damの例文
  • a tinker's dam:    a tinker's dam ((俗))[否定文で] まったく(…ない)not care a ~'s dam まったく気にかけない.(a tínker's dám ?mdámn?C((?p))cúss?n
  • abutment of dam:    ダム取付部{とりつけ ぶ}
  • ad dam:    {地名} : ダム◆サウジアラビア


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  1. we go to the dam that we talked about , we start just
  2. water intake dam in the lower reaches of kishitanigawa river
  3. and we get to hama . we get all the way from the dam
  4. you can grab that . what the fuck's a dental dam ?
    車にデンタルダムがあるから 取ってこい
  5. i woke up in the mountains , way up above the dam .
    山の中で目が覚めて ダム上を歩いてきた


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