days are numbered 意味

発音を聞く:   days are numberedの例文
  • 《someone's ~》余命いくばくもない
  • one's days are numbered:    余命いくばくもないMy days are numbered at this company. 私がこの会社にいるのもあとわずかだ。
  • your days are numbered:    your days are numbered余命幾何もないよめいいくばくもない
  • numbered:    {形} : 番号が付けられた、番号付けされた


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  1. i don't want a man whose days are numbered .
  2. the young wolf has lost half his army . his days are numbered .
    若き狼は自軍の半数を失った 彼の終わりも近い
  3. oh , your days are numbered , woman .
  4. our days are numbered anyway .
    俺たち 老い先 短いんだからさ。
  5. i'm gonna look him in the eyes and tell him his days are numbered .
    もうどん詰まりだと伝える サンダーソンを 挑発するんですか?


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