daytime sedative 意味

  • 昼間{ひるま}の鎮静{ちんせい}薬[剤]
  • sedative:    sedative n. 鎮静剤.【動詞+】administer a sedative鎮静剤を投与するgive sb a sedative人に鎮静剤を与えるThe doctor prescribed a mild sedative.医師は効き目のゆるやかな鎮静剤を処方したtake a sedative鎮静剤を服用する.【+動詞】This sedative will calm her.この鎮静剤で
  • daytime:    daytime n. 昼間.【前置詞+】I'm not usually at home during the daytime.昼間は普通は家にいないWe sometimes leave the children by themselves in the daytime, but never at night.ときには昼間子供たちを子供たちだけにしておくが夜は決してそうはしない.【雑】Why d
  • in the daytime:    真昼に、昼間に、日中に、白昼にThere were __ guards working in the daytime. 日中は_人の警備員が働いている。


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