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  • ~について論議する
  • debate:    1debate n. 討論会, 議論.【動詞+】Critical opinion would broaden the debate and increase public involvement.批判力のある意見は討論の幅を広げるし一般の人々の参加も増大させるchair a debate討論会の司会をするclose a debate討論を終結するclosure a debate《英》 (議会で
  • debate with:    ~と議論{ぎろん}する
  • to debate:    to debate論ずるろんずる論じるろんじる


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  1. and it's really changed the debate on global warming .
  1. also known as seikanron seihen (political changes of debate on subjugation of korea )
  1. based on his profound knowledge , gyokushu expanded the debate on the southern chinese style of painting .
  1. during the middle of debate on the transference of the capital , the new government acquired edo-jo castle bloodlessly .
  1. about the location , the kinai district theory and the kyushu theory are widely accepted (refer to the debate on the location ).


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