decency 意味

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  • breach of decency:    不作法{ぶさほう}
  • common decency:    常識的な礼儀、一般的な品位、共通の良識、常識的な配慮
  • for decency's sake:    人前をはばかって、世間の手前、体裁上、体面上


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  1. it's conditional upon your adherence to public decency .
  2. i'm asking you to have the decency to let me try .
    僕の試みに対する 寛大さを求めます.
  3. but i never have the decency to honor their names .
    優秀だと讃える ほどのことではない
  4. if you're dumping me , at least have the decency ...
  5. even a woman that you did not know the basic decency
    あなたたちは 女の風上にも置けないわ


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