decent clothes 意味

  • きちんとした服装{ふくそう}
  • decent:    decent adj. 品位のある; かなりの; 適当な; 親切な.【副詞】Ford, who succeeded him, was a basically decent person.彼の後任のフォードは基本的に礼節を持ち合わせた人だったAny half decent grammar book would make this clear.《口語》 よほどひどいものでなければどんな文法書でもこ
  • clothes:    clothes n. pl. 衣服, 服.【動詞+】air clothes衣服を外気に当てるborrow sb's clothes人の服を借りる; 他人の考え方を借用するcast off one's clothes《文語》 服を脱ぎ捨てるchange one's clothes着替えをするhave some clothes cleaned at the dry cleaner's衣服を何着かド
  • at a decent time:    わきまえた時間{じかん}に


  1. have the maids draw him a bath and find him some decent clothes .
  2. can't hide his lack of intelligence even with decent clothes .
    服装がまともになっても 知性のなさは隠しようがないな


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