dedicated to learning 意味

  • 《be ~》学問{がくもん}に打ち込む
  • dedicated:    {形-1} : 献身的{けんしんてき}な、打ち込んでいる、熱心{ねっしん}な、ひたむきなHe is a dedicated Muslim. 彼は熱心なイスラム教徒だ。--------------------------------------------------------------------------------{形-2} : 《コ》専用{せんよう}の --------------
  • dedicated to:    《be ~》~にささげられる、~を祭る、血道{ちみち}をあげている、~のために尽くす、~のために設けられる
  • learning:    learning n. 学問, 学識; 学ぶこと.【動詞+】absorb the learning of one's timeその時代の学問を吸収するYou cannot digest the learning of all ages and countries in your lifetime.古今東西の学問は一生かかっても消化しきれないHe went to pains to display


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  1. he was also dedicated to learning , and studied under seika fujiwara and seii hori .
  2. after that , he was dedicated to learning and went to rossia for studying in 1871 .
  3. koan was also dedicated to learning chinese medicine , which act was unusual for someone who tried to master western medicine .
  4. he was also dedicated to learning; he studied confucianism (neo-confucianism ) under seiko takami and later under kodo matsuzaki and eventually under issai sato while he attended shoheizaka gakumonjo (shoheizaka school ).
  5. it is generally understood that he was extremely dedicated to learning , and enthusiastically studied history under the tutelage of hakuseki arai on matters including achievements gained by ieyasu tokugawa , the first shogun , hidetada tokugawa , the second shogun and his great-grandfather , and iemitsu tokugawa , the third shogun .


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