defect to 意味

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  • ~にくら替えする
  • defect:    1defect n. 欠点, 欠陥.【動詞+】This has alleviated the defects to some extent.これでいくぶん欠陥が補われたThese chemicals can cause serious defects.これらの化学薬品は重い障害を引き起こすことがあるcorrect the defects in a computer programコンピューター
  • in defect of:    ~がないので、~がない場合{ばあい}には
  • with a defect of:    ~の欠損{けっそん}を伴って


  1. why didn't he defect to our side ?!
    なぜ こちらに つかぬのじゃ!
  2. in 1461 , he killed mochikuni and his son jiro , who attempted to defect to the enemy again .
  3. and then , during the time of the second shogun , yoshiakira ashikaga , a power struggle within the bakufu prompted several influential shugo daimyo , including kiyouji hosokawa , to defect to the southern court , while in kyushu tadafuyu ashikaga raised arms against the bakufu and the imperial prince kaneyoshi , godaigo ' s son and heir , received an official missive , in which he was called the ' king of japan ,' from the ming court of china; these and other events served to boost the southern court ' s power and prestige , which allowed the southern court to continue its resistance until the third shogun , yoshimitsu ashikaga , unified the northern and southern courts (in 1392 ).


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