defensive measure 意味

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  • 防止方法{ぼうし ほうほう}
  • as a primary defensive measure:    主な防衛手段{ぼうえい しゅだん}として
  • be on the defensive:    be on the defensive受け太刀うけだち
  • defensive:    1defensive n. 守勢.【動詞+】assume the defensive守勢を取る.【前置詞+】be on the defensive守りの体勢にあるAn energetic business policy will keep our competitors on the defensive.精力的な営業方針をとれば競争相手を守勢に立たせておくことができるでしょうput sb on


  1. after the order was issued for the samurai to mobilize , the defensive measure was brought up once again but miyoshi no yasunobu , backed by masako , argued for attack and the government force marched to kyoto .


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