delight in 意味

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  • ~が大好きだ
    She has some friends who delight in hearing from her.
  • (a) delight:    (a) delight喜び慶び悦びよろこび
  • delight:    1delight n. 歓喜, 満足; 喜ばしいもの, 好物.【動詞+】It afforded him the keenest delight to be entertained so lavishly.このように気前よくもてなされて彼は大満足をしたShe could not conceal her delight.喜びを隠せなかったderive delight from reading読書か
  • in delight:    《in (one's) delight》大喜びで、喜び[うれしさ]のあまり


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  1. and we smile at the delight in getting away with it .
  2. strongest warrior in the universe , and takes delight in battle .
  3. i beg you will not write if you ... you take delight in vexing me !
    いいえ 手紙はやめて
  4. that we actually take delight in people getting things wrong
  5. and some visual delight in the knowledge


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