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  • {組織} : 米運輸省◆【略】DOT◆【URL】
  • tokyo metropolitan police department's transportation investigation bureau:    《The ~》警視庁交通捜査課{けいしちょう こうつう そうさ か}
  • transportation:    transportation n. 《主に米》 輸送, 輸送手段.【動詞+】arrange transportation乗り物の手配をするA hotel bus will meet you at the airport and give you free transportation to the hotel.空港でホテルのバスが待っていて無料でホテルまでお送りいたしますWe pay tran
  • department:    department n. 部門; (米英の行政組織の)省; (英国の行政組織の)局, 部; (大学などの)学科.【動詞+】It affects all departments of life.それは人生のあらゆる方面に影響を及ぼすchange departments学科を変えるclose (down) a departmentある部門を閉鎖するContact the relevant dep


  1. for example , the department of transportation will probably tell you
    例えば交通課では 保守管理した道路の距離を
  2. department of transportation , computer technician , left his job when she was killed .
    運輸省の コンピュータ技術者 彼女が殺された時 仕事をやめてる 1年前の今日
  3. he used to work for the department of transportation , so that's why he knows all the old subway stops .
    運輸部門で勤務してて 古い地下鉄の停止駅を知ってたから
  4. dc department of transportation is warning drivers to prepare for delays due to street closures downtown thursday through saturday .
    交通局は木曜日から土曜日まで ダウンタウンが閉鎖されるため 交通の遅れが生じるとドライバーに 呼びかけています
  5. gaichi related mutual benefit associations ⋯ mutual benefit associations of the communication office and transportation bureau of chosen sotoku-fu and mutual benefit associations of monopoly bureau , forestry enterprise , and communication department and railway department of transportation bureau of taiwan sotoku-fu (article 2 of the act on special measures concerning beneficiaries of pension of mutual aid association established under former ordinances ).


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