deprival 意味

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  • {名} : 剥奪{はくだつ}


  1. each family experienced division , transfer , and deprival of their domains , but both families survived through the meiji restoration and raised to their peers .
  2. sanehira became shugo (provincial constable ) for three provinces , or bizen , bicchu and bingo , and his son empei dohi was given jitoshiki (manager and lord of manor ) of numata-sho manor , aki province , but empei ' s tyrannical behavior and management resulted in deprival of his title and left him only with his home ground dohi-go village and numata-sho manor , aki province .
  3. in 1600 , after the cession of the battle of sekigahara , he presented tact in handling financial affairs for the deprival of the chosokabe family property , and he also showed great performance in the suppress uprising , for which ieyasu tokugawa awarded him 500 koku at tsuzuki county , yamashiro province , as the hatamoto (direct retainer of the shogun ) and advisor to ieyasu .


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