despair in 意味

  • ~に絶望{ぜつぼう}[失望{しつぼう}]する
    Some have despaired in their chosen religion.
  • despair:    1despair n. 絶望, 落胆.【動詞+】cause despair絶望の原因となるcreate despair絶望感を起こさせるexperience despair絶望を経験するfeel despair絶望を感じるget rid of despair絶望感を除くThis increased my despair.このことで私の落胆はさらに大きくなったThat mitigated our
  • despair of:    ~をあきらめる、~に失望、~に絶望する、~にさじを投げる、~の望みを捨てる、~を悲観する
  • in despair:    やけになって、絶望{ぜつぼう}して、失望{しつぼう}してIn despair, the woman left her newborn in front of a police station. やけになって、その女性は生まれたばかりのわが子を警察署の前に置いていった。


  1. desperation , depression and despair in afghanistan
    絶望や失望 自暴自棄を乗り越える話と
  2. but i see no despair in his eyes .
    だが あの目には絶望の色はない
  3. on february 20 , 1010 , korechika died in despair in the prime of life at the age of 37 .
  4. if you're noticing more despair in my voice than usual today , it's because we lost someone special .
    今日の声には絶望感があります 大切な人を失ったからです
  5. because words such as ' the multitude who are deeply sinful ' and ' unenlightened people who are confused with delusions ' appear often in " senchaku hongan nenbutsu shu " and " kurodani shonin gotoroku ," at the base of honen ' s ideology there is a deep despair in the sinfulness and foolishness of the multitude including himself , and he uses that as the starting point for exploring the path to deliver the multitude who are unenlightened .


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