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  • {名} : 退化{たいか}、権利{けんり}の移行{いこう}、継承{けいしょう}、法的移転{ほうてき いてん}、内政権付与{ないせいけん ふよ}
    There was devolution of power from federal to state governments. 連邦政府から州政府への権限の委譲があった。


  1. which is characterized by a great deal of devolution of authority
    多くの権力を移譲し 権力を分散しているのが
  2. however , kyakushiki was no longer compiled , for the ruling and administrative system based on the ritsuryo and kyakushiki reached their limit as it evolved into the ruling system by provincial officials and influential person of each region through large devolution of authority .
  3. a report published in 2005 by ' workshop for the functions of each prefecture in the age of devolution of power ' in shiga prefecture picked up the merger plan of kyoto and shiga prefectures (keiji merger ) as one previous step before introducing the regional system .


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