disarmament inspection 意味

  • 武装解除{ぶそう かいじょ}の査察{ささつ}
  • disarmament:    disarmament n. 軍備縮小, 武装解除.【動詞+】The Secretary General of the UN called for worldwide disarmament.国連事務総長は世界的な軍縮を提唱したWe were unable to effect a disarmament among the warring religious factions.互いに戦っている
  • for inspection:    ご閲覧を請うて、検査{けんさ}のために
  • inspection:    inspection n. 検査, 点検, 検閲, 視察, 閲覧.【動詞+】It would not bear inspection.それは調べればぼろが出るcarry out an inspection検査を行なうShe gave it a cursory inspection.ざっとそれを調べたhold an inspection of troops軍隊を視察するWe invite ins


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