disarmament negotiation 意味

  • disarmament negotiàtion
  • disarmament:    disarmament n. 軍備縮小, 武装解除.【動詞+】The Secretary General of the UN called for worldwide disarmament.国連事務総長は世界的な軍縮を提唱したWe were unable to effect a disarmament among the warring religious factions.互いに戦っている
  • negotiation:    negotiation n. 交渉, 折衝; (困難などの)切り抜け.【動詞+】begin negotiations交渉を開始するbreak off negotiations (with…)(…との)交渉を打ち切るbring negotiations to a successful conclusion交渉を首尾よくまとめるcease negotiations.交渉を中止するafter the
  • negotiation with:    ~との交渉{こうしょう}


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