discover someone's achilles' heel 意味

  • (人)の弱点{じゃくてん}をつかむ
  • find someone's achilles heel:    (人)の弱点{じゃくてん}[急所]を突く
  • achilles heel:    アキレスのかかと、弁慶{べんけい}の泣き所、弱点、急所Everyone has his Achilles [Achilles'] heel. 《諺》誰でもアキレスのかかとを持っている。/弁慶の泣き所。He is a quick, energetic soccer player, but his Achilles heel [Achilles' heel, heel of Achilles] i
  • achilles' heel:    Achilles' heel泣き所泣き処なきどころ


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