discretionary power 意味

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  • discretionary power
  • abolish discretionary power:    自由裁量権{じゆう さいりょう けん}を廃止{はいし}する[無効{むこう}にする]Bill would abolish sheriff's discretionary powers. その法律ができれば郡保安官の自由裁量権は廃止される[無効になる]だろう。
  • abuse one's discretionary power:    裁量権範囲{さいりょうけん はんい}を逸脱{いつだつ}[乱用{らんよう}]する
  • have the discretionary power to:    ~する自由裁量権{じゆう さいりょう けん}を有する


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  1. to give discretionary power to managers .
    マネージャに 裁量権を与えるんです
  2. some positions such as gundai (intendant of a region or administrator of a town ) in the occupied territory obtained independent discretionary power , which , however was limited .
  3. as a result , the discretionary power of the hojo law was reduced by the execution of taibon sankajo (three major tasks of peacekeeping ) and jitouke (the contract system that the manor ' s owner entrusts a jito to manage his manor and pay the customs ) by the jito .
  4. meanwhile , the imperial court granted greater discretionary power to kokushu (or ' zuryo ' , the head of the provincial governors ) beyond the bounds of the traditional ritsuryo system , aiming to invigorate provincial agriculture and industries , and also to increase tax revenues .


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