disgusting creature 意味

  • 嫌{いや}なやつ
  • disgusting:    disgusting adj. いやな.【副詞】a deeply disgusting crimeひどく嫌悪感を催させる犯罪physically disgusting肉体的に嫌悪感を与えるようなa man with tremendously disgusting personal habits実にいやな身のまわりの習癖の持ち主.【+前置詞】It is disgusting to the sme
  • disgusting!:    disgusting!げろげろ
  • creature:    creature n. 生き物; 人, やつ; 隷属者; 架空の動物; 所産; (神の)創造物.【動詞+】No more horrible creatures might man imagine than those in the paintings of Bosch and Goya.ボスやゴヤの絵の中の生き物より恐ろしいものを人間は想像できないであろう.【+動詞】What kind of


  1. there isn't a man or woman in england capable of stopping that disgusting creature ...
    国中に あの嫌な生き物を 阻止できる人間は1人もいない


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