dish 意味

発音記号: [ diʃ ]発音を聞く   dishの例文
  • a dish (of food):    a dish (of food)一皿ひとさら
  • a dish of vegetables:    a dish of vegetables野菜一皿やさいひとさら
  • accompanying dish:    おかず、付け合せの料理{りょうり}Choose one hot main course with one accompanying dish. 温かいメインディッシュ一皿に付け合せを一つお選び下さい


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  1. tsuma is a garnish used for sashimi dish .
  2. gave me a petri dish with a little yellow blob in it
  3. well , he made a dish which is hard to cook , so ..
    まぁ 一生懸命に作った 料理ですから
  4. people generally eat this dish using a spoon .
  5. then i found out i was supposed to be the main dish .
    その夕食が私だと 気付いたけど


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