display perseverance 意味

  • 忍耐力{にんたいりょく}を見せる
  • perseverance:    perseverance n. 忍耐, 忍耐力, 根気.【動詞+】develop perseverance忍耐力をつけるdisplay perseverance忍耐力を見せるShe has enough perseverance to succeed in show business.芸能界で成功するだけの十分な忍耐力があるneed perseverance根気がいるDoes he posse
  • with perseverance:    根気よく、不屈{ふくつ}の努力{どりょく}で
  • by sheer perseverance:    石にかじりついても、根気一つで


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