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  1. At the main company , dissatisfaction with you is about to explode .
    《本社内では兄貴に対する 不満が爆発寸前なんだ》
  2. Increased taxes were imposed on the people and made them suffer from more poverty , leading to their increased dissatisfaction with the qing dynasty .
  3. After the service , the japan buddhist federation declared its dissatisfaction with enryaku-ji temple , which had ignored these resolutions and declarations .
  4. The resistance force party maintaining its dissatisfaction with the punishment of the tokugawa family raised an army against the new government ' s army , from an area around the edo region .
  5. In the year 917 , kiyoyuki miyoshi published an opinion piece included in ' seiji yoryaku ' (examples of heian period politics ) where he mentions dissatisfaction with the scarlet hakama fad .
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