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  1. The kuhouin group's overall distribution control
    《わが供奉院グループの 流通支配率は
  2. Kuhouin group's rate of distribution control is 25 points lower than it was last year .
    前年比 25ポイント減》
  3. During the daiei era (a .d . 1521- 1528 ), the nagao clan gave both the kuji collection right and the distribution control right of aoso to the kurata clan , which was " tonin " (the director ) of echigo so-za .
  4. Under the aggravating war situation such as during the manchurian incident and world war Ⅱ , ' ordinance for electricity distribution control ' came into force in 1941 as part of the economic control measures; moreover , kyoto dento was dissolved in april 1942 after assigning the electric generation and transmission division to japan electric generation and transmission company co ., ltd ., and the electric distribution division to kansai electric power co ., inc ., and hokuriku electric power company co ., inc .
  5. In domestic policies especially , yoshimoto displayed his uncommon abilities , starting with the enactment of the articles (kana mokuroku tsuika ) to expand on the ' imagawa kana mokuroku ' (the imagawa clan ' s basic house rules to control the territory ) in 1552 , carrying out excellent administrative reforms such as commercial protection and distribution control within his territory , and consolidation of vassals by introducing the system of yorioya-yoriko (later , when ieyasu tokugawa established the feudal government , he applied these policies to the system of the edo bakufu .)
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