distribution transformer 意味

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  • 配電変圧器{はいでん へんあつき}
  • transformer:    transformer n. 〔電気〕 変圧器, トランス.【形容詞 名詞+】an electrical transformer変圧器a power transformerトランス, 変圧器a single-phase transformer単相変圧器a step-down transformer降圧変圧器.
  • distribution:    distribution n. 分配, 配布; 分布; 配列.【動詞+】The Red Cross arranged the distribution of relief goods among the victims.赤十字は被災者に救援物資配分の手配をしたaward sole distribution of one's products to a certain trading compa
  • t distribution:    t 分布{ぶんぷ}


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