divine retribution 意味

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  • 天誅{てんちゅう}
  • in retribution:    報い[報復{ほうふく}?懲罰{ちょうばつ}]として
  • retribution:    retribution n. 当然の報い, 懲罰, 応報.【動詞+】Eventually Nature will exact retribution for the way we have abused her.自然をいためつけたわれわれに対し自然はいつの日か報復を行なうだろうFearing retribution, he fled Vietnam for the United States.
  • retribution for:    ~への仕返し[報復{ほうふく}]The explosion was retribution for the attacks against rebels. その爆発は反乱軍に対する攻撃への仕返し[報復]であった。


  1. it's atonement . i guess this is divine retribution .
    違うな 贖罪かな
  2. that would be divine retribution .
  3. she wanted to see the angel of the apocalypse that brought divine retribution upon the world .
  4. perhaps one of these fans , enraged by anabelle's blasphemous webisodes , somehow fashioned a functioning thorian blaster and , in an act of divine retribution , said killer shot anabelle with the very weapon featured on nebula9 .
    熱狂ファンの誰かが アナベルのサイトが 冒涜するものだと怒り スロリアン銃の様な武器で
  5. when monk-soldiers of kofuku-ji temple did their " goso " (direct appeal to the court , brandishing the divine retribution ), they asked the chief shinto priest of kasuga-taisha shrine to take out the divine mirrors enshrined at " honden " (the main shrine , called " omiya-shisho " ) and also asked him to set shinboku on the mirrors .


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