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  1. in addition , another divine revelation in his dream told him that kannon and bishamon-ten were the same .
  2. when i first encountered haskell moore's writing , its perspicuity stroke me as though delivered through divine revelation .
    ムーアの文を読んだ時― まるで神の啓示かと思った
  3. this was the divine revelation that was later called hitsuki shinji and it was the important day of the appearance .
  4. then , in 796 , led by a divine revelation in his dream , he visited mt . kurama and found that a bishamon-ten-zo (statue of vaisravana ) was enshrined there .
    延暦15年(796年)、 霊夢の託宣により鞍馬山に導かれ、同地に毘沙門天像が祀られているのを発見。
  5. praying to sumiyoshi myojin god for a good match for his daughter (lady akashi ) from early on , he invited genji to akashi following a divine revelation in a dream , then married him to his daughter .


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