divine sarah 意味

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  • 聖なるサラ
  • sarah:    SARAH {略-1} :Search And Rescue And Homing捜索救難帰投装置--------------------------------------------------------------------------------{略-2} :Society for Administration of Remuneration for Audio Home Reco
  • divine:    divine v. 推測する; 予言する.【+前置詞】What have you divined about the future?将来についてどう予測しましたかdivine for water under the ground地下の水脈を(占いで)発見する.【+that節】I failed to divine that the guide was an impostor.ガイドがペテン師だと
  • divine will:    divine will天意てんい天心てんしん神意しんい神慮しんりょ


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