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  1. It's breedspecific , so for dogs it would be , you know
    特定の種族 ほら 例えば
  2. Don't try to big dog it . just go over there like a normal customer .
    目立つなよ 普通の客を装え
  3. No matter what kind of dog it will bark at me even any well trained dog it will bark at me
    どんな犬でも僕を見ると 必ず吠えてくるんです もう どんなにおとなしい犬でも 僕を見ると突然吠えだして
  4. Mia , my ad pages are up ,my circulation is up , and clive keeps coming around and screaming at us like we're dogging it !
    うちは広告も部数も上がってるのに クライブは怠慢だみたいに叫び続けてるんだ
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