domestic public opinion 意味



  1. meanwhile , the attention of the japanese government and domestic public opinion shifted to the issues that related to the shizoku no hanran (revolt by family or person with samurai ancestors ) and establishment of constitutional system , and gradually former seikan-ha were losing their interest on korean issues .
  2. america has come back to the conference because of the upsurge of domestic public opinion , however , the following issue of conflict between america and other developed countries is pointed out: america , while objecting to the present framework , opposes to japan , russia , australia and so on , which negotiate for the treaty revision , and also opposes to eu , which aims to promote the present framework and to reduce the emissions led by developed countries .
    米国は国内世論の高まりなどを受けて協議に復帰したが、現在の枠組みに反発し条約改正を視野に交渉に臨む日本・米国・ロシア・オーストラリアなどと、既存の枠組みを進め先進国主導の削減を訴える EU などとの間の対立構造が形成されつつあると指摘されている。


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