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  1. working in the places is going to have a dominant position
  1. however , nobuo lacked the capability and talent of nobunaga as his father; therefore , ieyasu was rather on the dominant position in the relationship with nobuo .
  1. on takauji ' s wish , he served as shugoshoku (provincial constable ) of shimotsuke province , kazusa province and echigo province and built a solid dominant position in the northern kanto region .
  1. over time , the tsuchimikado family outstripped the koutokui family , and by the end of the 17th century , they achieved a dominant position in ommyodo across japan by obtaining the right to grant ommyo-ji licenses .
  1. not like sado in which the so-called sansenke (three houses of tea ceremony or omotesenke , urasenke , and mushakojisenke ) occupied the dominant position , the many small schools are scattered in sencha-do and this trend continues .


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