dominate over 意味

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  • ~を支配する
  • take over the policy to dominate the company:    その会社{かいしゃ}を支配{しはい}するための方策{ほうさく}を受け継ぐ
  • dominate:    dominate v. 支配する; 優勢な位置を占める; 見下ろす.【副詞1】dominate a nation commercially and industriallyある国民の商業と産業をぎゅうじるdominate effectively効率よく支配するOur competitor's product almost entirely dominated the market.わが社の競争
  • dominate in:    ~で優位を占める、~に普及する◆【名】dominationAnd conflict always dominated in literature all the way back.I have never been dominated in my life.


  1. after that , ise-heishi began to dominate over kawachi-genji .
  2. even after the series of battles , the takeda clan continued to dominate over the northern shinano area
  3. " sanmon gosan-no-kiri " is a large-scale kabuki in five acts , describing vengeance during the bunroku-keicho war where the antagonism between goemon ishikawa who is a surviving child of a high-ranking official of the ming dynasty so sokei and aims to dominate over japan , and hisayoshi mashiba who is practically ruling over japan .
  4. he was a great actor who had played in theatres in the kansai region; he excelled in ' shosa ' (movement and manner ) and especially good at graceful movements taking advantage of his over-weight body; when acting the roles of ' kuge-aku ' (vicious court noble ) or ' muhon-nin ' (rebel ) aiming to dominate over the whole country , he was regarded as the best .


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