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  1. you know , hiding things in a door panel that's really loose is really ... you're not that smart .
    ドアパネルに隠してあるんだろ かなりお粗末だ それに... 賢くはない
  2. the sliding door panel paintings of the inner area are the work of ryokei kano , a high ranking disciple of mitsunobu kano , and believed to date from the latter part of the momoyama period .
  3. the hojo ' s sliding door panel images painted on gold leaf are the work of eigaku of the kyoto kano school and depict ' kinki shoga-zu ' (the four accomplishments of music , chess , painting and writing ) in the eastern room; ' the moon and geese ' in the central room; ' flowers and birds ' in the western room; and ' jiang ziya ' in the inner room of the western room .
    方丈襖絵は金箔画で、京狩野派永岳の筆、東の間「琴棋書画図」、室中「月と雁」、西の間 「花鳥」、同上間「太公望」の題材が描かれている。


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