draw 意味

発音記号: [ drɔ: ]発音を聞く   drawの例文
  • draw a will:    遺言書を作成する
  • draw for:    くじを引いて決める
  • draw in:    {句動-1} : 吸い込む、誘引{ゆういん}する--------------------------------------------------------------------------------{句動-2} : (人を)引き込む、(観客{かんきゃく}などを)集めるIf you want to draw in customers, have a sale. もしお客を集めたいのなら


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  1. we test it in people , we draw blood , we do experiments
    治験や採血 実験をしますが
  2. and draw the person who sat next to them , their neighbor
  3. i'll help draw their fire with huey and dewey there .
    私とあの双子で 攻撃を引きつける
  4. go draw a picture or something . all right' ?
    向こうに行って 絵でも何か書いてなさい、いい?
  5. i learned how to draw a tree in like the second grade .


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