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  • 予告もなしに(人)の家をひょっこり[ふらりと]訪ねる
    Drop at our house if you happen to come this way. こちらへおいでの節はお立ち寄りください。
  • a drop:    a drop滴りしたたり一水いっすい
  • drop:    1drop n. しずく; 点滴; 一滴, 微量; 落下, 墜落; 低下, 下落; あめ玉, ドロップ.【動詞+】add a few drops of whiskey to one's coffeeコーヒーにウイスキーを 2, 3 滴加えるdo three drops in one day 1日に 3 回(食料 補給物資などの)投下を行なうHe has not drunk a drop.酒は一
  • drop by:    {句動} : (ひょっこりと)立ち寄る、顔を出すFeel free to drop by our new office any time. ご遠慮なくいつでも新しい事務所にお立ち寄りください。I figured I'd drop by and surprise Bob.I'm glad you dropped by.Drop by at your convenience.


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  1. whether it's the drop at the edge of the table or a wall
  2. maybe they'll drop at the same speed .
  3. or even the drop at the edge of a table , which the animals are running around .
  4. water up , a drop at a time
  5. rolling drop at the sadirah and then on to the swedish embassy to deliver this .
    これを配達するために サディラに回転低下して スウェーデン大使館で接触するわ


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