drug deal 意味

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  • 麻薬取引{まやく とりひき}
  • deal with drug dependence at an early stage:    薬物依存{やくぶつ いぞん}の早期対応{そうき たいおう}を行う
  • a deal:    a déal [副] たくさん,多量(much)《◆?次項 》laugh a good ~ 大笑いする/ We learn a good ~ at school. 私たちは学校でたくさんのことを学ぶ.
  • a deal of:    a déal of O たくさんの…,多量の… (much)《◆(1) Oは【U】名詞;複数名詞と用いるのは((古)). (2) 修飾語greatは肯定?否定?疑問文に用いられるが, goodは肯定文に限られる;a good [great] ~(前項)も同様》We had a good ~ of snow last winter. 去年の冬は雪が多かった. ◇[語法] a good deal


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  1. booth thinks it could be a drug deal gone bad . yeah . very bad .
  2. do you folks mind doing this drug deal while we walk ?
  3. pope's on trial for killing his friends in a drug deal gone bad .
  4. it's a complicated story but it's a drug deal
    複雑な話だが 麻薬取り引きで
  5. he may be heading to the drug deal .
    覚醒剤の取り引きに 向かった可能性があります


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