drug dealer 意味

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  • 麻薬の売人
    Drug dealers would complete their transactions in the open. 麻薬売人が公然と取引を行っているのが常だった。
  • alleged drug dealer:    麻薬密売人{まやく みつばいにん}とされている
  • illicit drug dealer:    違法薬物{いほう やくぶつ}[非合法{ひ ごうほう}ドラッグ]の売人{ばいにん}
  • arrest the drug dealer red-handed:    その麻薬{まやく}の売人{ばいにん}を現行犯{げんこうはん}で逮捕{たいほ}する


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  1. and right now the prime suspect is her drug dealer .
    今の最重要容疑者は 麻薬の売人だ
  1. you keep an eye out for our aggrieved drug dealer .
  1. since you keep on taking every street corner drug dealer
  1. he caught , like , a drug dealer some mostwanted guy
  1. how does a restaurant owner become a drug dealer ?
    レストランのオーナーが 麻薬の売人に?


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